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Hi, I’m Megan! I served as a REFUGE: Missionary Intern for 6 months in 2017. Here’s the story of how a California girl ended up moving to Michigan in the dead of winter.

I grew up in California but moved to Nashville, Tennessee the fall of 2015. I moved to Tennessee to serve in a youth group at a Calvary Chapel church with some college friends. Moving to Tennessee was a big adventure for me and was a season full of much“adulting.” The challenges of my first five months there mostly had to do with learning how to pay bills and adjust to a hustling bustling city. Those months were so fun as I grew in relationship with kids in the youth group and lived the life of a young 22-year-old—full of freedom, and adventure, and possibility. But in early spring of 2016, I stepped into a season of illness. I struggled with health issues for the next 6 months and found myself in one of the darkest places of my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. The illness I had wasn’t deadly, but it was definitely life-altering. I was in a lot of pain and was finding no answers with doctors. As my apartment lease was coming to a close, I knew I had the opportunity to seek God and ask Him if Tennessee was still the place He wanted me to be. I began praying about that a lot and ended up having a good friend ask me some very inquisitive questions that really directed me along the way. Those questions were:

What’s your dream?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

And, how can you change you life now to practically be getting you there?

“WHAT’S YOUR DREAM?” she asked.

I ended up answering the first question by telling her about a prophetic word given to me 2 years ago. It had come from a vision God had given another friend about me, and I had honestly forgotten about the vision until that moment. The vision was in line with a common daydream of mine—a daydream I had thought was purely my own, unspiritual desire. Although, through the vision, God spoke. He revealed how He had actually been morphing my desires to be in line with His as I had learned to delight myself in Him (see Psalm 37:4). It was good for me to remember this vision from 2 years ago, but I wanted God to convince me once again that this was His dream for my life. That this vision and daydream alignment was His will for my life. So, I began that day to pray two specific prayers:

1) Was this dream born in Your heart, God, or was it born in mine?

2) And if it was born in Your heart, then please show me how to change my life now in order to pursue it!

Just a week and a half after beginning to pray these two specific prayers I randomly ended up on the phone with Jordyn Osburn and began to hear God’s confirming voice. In the first 30 seconds of my conversation with Jordyn, she invited me to come live in Michigan and do ministry with her family. We didn’t talk much detail, but I got off the phone and honestly took her offer as something to consider. I knew that if she said it, she genuinely meant it as an honest possibility (I am in connection with Jordyn because she is an old college friend of my sister). I took a week to pray about it before I called her back and asked her to spell out for me what exactly they are doing in Michigan.

As she explained to me what they are doing, things clicked in my spirit. Her life out in Michigan is so similar to the dream God has been speaking to me about, that vision/daydream alignment. I wrestled in the flesh for a month or so over this decision. My spirit knew that Michigan was the place God was calling me to for a season, but my flesh very much disliked the idea and I couldn’t understand why God was asking me to go there. I was hung up on the fact that moving to Michigan would mean stopping my treatment plans with doctors, giving up the strict diet they had given me, and placing myself in an environment that was being highly discouraged for those with my medical condition. A few weeks into the wrestle over this decision, I shared my hesitancies regarding my health with Jordyn over the phone. We decided together that Jesus was just going to have to heal me.

“HEAL ME, FATHER!” I cried.

I got off the phone with her and sat down on my couch in an empty living room. I talked to God out loud and said, “Father, I know You’re a good Dad– and You’re telling me to go somewhere that is dangerous for me. So you have to heal me Father. I need You to do that.” Later that week I went to the grocery store and bought all the things the doctor had forbid me to touch in months. Since that day I have joyfully eaten whatever is placed in front of me and have also not once gone back to the medication my body had become fully addicted to. God supernaturally healed me and continues to make my body stronger. The normal everyday things that used to make me very ill and cause a lot of pain no longer bother me. I’m walking in freedom from an illness that was medically impossible to cure!

The favor of God was upon me during my season in Michigan. Life was definitely uncomfortable sometimes, but I learned to find comfort in God rather than my flesh. Every day I was further equipped to live out the dream God showed my friend in that vision a few years ago. Today I live out that dream as I pursue being obedient to Jesus every day—the dream is lived out one day at a time.

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“God designed the body in such a way that … all the parts mutually depend on and care for one another.”


1 Corinthians 12:24-25